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Corporate History and Milestones

G. R. Daniels Trucking, Inc has worked very hard through the years and has built a history of exceptional Customer Service in the transportation industry.



G. R. Daniels Trucking was founded.

G. R Daniels acquires MN grain authority initially, two trucks and two trailers provide services to local McLeod County customers.

MN regulatory authorities grant approval for General Commodity authority within the state of MN.

September 1980: ICC Contract Carrier authority approved and tariffs filed to haul five state Area ( MN, WI, IA, SD, ND) grain and general commodities with 6 trucks, 8 employees, 8 grain trailers and revenues of $450,000.00.

November 1981: Diversified and purchased first dry van trailers. Hauled for local shipper Wood products adding states of IA and IL as traffic lanes.

G. R. Daniels Petroleum Inc. is founded; authority granted for hauling Petroleum products for local fuel supplier.

October 1984: Obtained 48 state general commodity authority, ICC MC 164878; began To broaden our lanes into the upper Midwest and East coast hauling general Commodities.

G. R. Daniels announces Brokerage company: G.R. D.  Brokerage, Inc. founded.

Hired first full time office personnel; purchased first computer, and continued to dispatch with two way radios.

December 1986: G. R.  Daniels Leasing, Inc.  founded, thus expanding opportunities for leasing Vehicles during very busy times.

G. R.  Daniels purchased 11 acres of land one mile West of Hutchinson, MN. And built a 60 X 90 truck shop.

November 1988: Doubled the fleet size of our trucking company from 9 trucks to 18; hired 2 dispatchers and part time office help.

September 1989: Expanded shop area by adding 30 X 40 office complex; moved office Operations to Hwy 7 West location.

November 1989: Stockholders approve name change to G. R Daniels Trucking, Incorporated becoming a MN corporation.

G. R. Daniels expands into refrigerated trailers. Now employs 30 with annual revenues of $2,300,000.


August 1992: G. R.  Daniels announces opening a new facility: G. R.  Daniels Warehouse, LLC; a 150 X 150 dry storage heated warehouse.

G. R. Daniels Trucking hauling 48 states with 30 trucks.

October 1994: G. R. Daniels Warehouse, LLC completes 2nd phase of warehouse plan with an addition of 150 x 150 sq ft. with storage space totaling 45,000 sq feet.

December 1995: G. R Daniels Trucking reports Annual Revenues of $4,000,000.00 with 35 trucks.

G. R. Daniels Warehouse, LLC announces 3rd phase completed with major addition of 42,300 sq ft; total dry storage reaching 87,300 sq feet. This facility Has 30' side walls with racking. Forklift styles include reach and Grabber style.

October 1997: G. R.  Daniels Trucking completes installation of totally integrated Trucking software. McLeod Software provides fully integrated dispatching, accounting and settlement.

September 1998: G. R.  Daniels Trucking installs satellite tracking systems into each truck. The "Intouch Tracking System" is internet based., thus allowing instant GPS location of each truck. This on -line system allows customers to obtain information regarding the status of deliveries.

October 1999: G. R.  Daniels completed web site and installation of new phone system in office, and has completed updating all computers and software to be y2k compliant.

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