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The G.R.D. Advantage:



In addition to our 40 years of experience providing warehouse and distribution services to all of our customers, we also have extensive background in the trucking industry that equips us with a complete understanding of the relationship between trucking and warehouse/distribution. Our combined expertise is integrated into every aspect of the business, ensuring efficiently streamlined processes, competitive pricing, and worry-free customer experience.

Warehousing & Logistics

G.R. Daniels is a family-owned warehousing and logistics provider based in Hutchinson, Minnesota. We strive to be one of central Minnesota’s largest third-party logistics firms, serving more than 40 customers within our 5 facilities. We understand the needs of our customers and thrive to store, ship and move freight with exceptional service.

Our services include warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment. Over 40 years, we have grown and now operate 5 facilities with a total of 175,000 square feet of bulk, rack, and dry storage.

Being based in the small town of Hutchinson, community involvement is very important to us. We aim to be an active part of our community through our commitment to active engagement and sustainable business practices.

G.R. Daniels is constantly planning ahead for long term success in the future within the warehousing industry and strives to be a leader in both our rural, surrounding area and throughout Minnesota as a whole.

Our Mission is Simple:

  • Good Communication

  • Reliable Service and

  • Defining Customer Relationships

Affiliated Companies:

  • G. R. Daniels Warehouse, LLC.

  • G. R. Daniels Leasing, Inc.

  • G R D Brokerage, Inc.

  • G. R. Daniels Trucking, Inc